BIRO BALTA is a company founded in 1988. During the past years we have been working with entrepreneurs of all types, handicrafts and representative offices of foreign companies.
Our Agency has 8 employees, classified in the categories of independent bookkeepers, bookkeepers, workers engaged in payroll accounts, workers keeping the cash, those in charge of secretarial work, delivery works, etc.

We perform the complete bookkeeping activity using modern and developed software package that was maximally adjusted to the needs of our clients.

• Complete bookkeeping and accountancy follow-up of the entrepreneur
• Bookkeeping and accountancy follow-up of entrepreneurs according to segments (possible combination of daily operative work in entrepreneur’s head office connected with our agency by modem or some other connection)
• Only consulting follow-up of business with control of balance and other financial reports
• All other types of co-operation deemed necessary.

Head Office of the company: Zagreb, Ulica Kneza Višeslava 13/I
Phone/Facsimile: 00385/01/4618-878; 0038/01/4618-879
e-mail adresa:
Working hours:
weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 4:oo p.m.

It is practically impossible to make a uniform price list of our services, because prices depend exclusively on your wishes concerning the quantity of co-operation. Depending on the size of your company (the size is measured by the quantity of processed documents) and on the segments of bookkeeping and accounting services we render to you, we shall adjust our price and submit an offer for possible co-operation. We invoice our services monthly, in accordance with the business operations and business year, and in our opinion this is and interesting and necessary to each serious company to function with maximum effectiveness.